Principles of a Good Web Design

Web design is merely the process of developing websites, and it includes different techniques like web page layout and graphic design.   Layout will deal with how the information is to be structured or categorized while appearance, on the other hand, will focus on the colors and fonts used on the website.  When designing any website it is essential to focus on simplicity, so that no information and functionality that might distract the visitors or users appears.   Each website page being designed should, therefore, have a clear purpose and help the visitors to find whatever they need.  When creating a website always ensure that the content is compelling to attract and influence visitors by converting them into customers.

How the user will maneuver to find the information they are looking for should, therefore, be a top priority for any web designer.   Many web users always find it challenging to take action or move around any website if its navigation is poor.   For any user to navigate smoothly, then there are specific techniques of web design that they must apply to achieve the best results.   If the website's navigation is complicated and challenging then there is a higher chance that the visitors will give up and find what they need elsewhere.  Navigation should not only be pure but consistency on every page should also be looked at. Watch this video about web design.

Another principle that should be applied to boost the user experience is simplicity.   To attract more visitors to your site make sure that the page is simple and offer less distraction to those who visit it.   By offering less distraction this would only mean new business and conversions every time someone visits your website.   White space can create a pleasing visual design to any website while at the same time offering, less distracting features and it helps visitors to navigate your page easily.  Keeping the texts and images lined up in the website is also an important principle that should be seriously weighed, learn more here!

 Speed and time are important since most visitors prefer to get what they are looking for faster.   Everybody hates when a web page takes long to load any information and one way of dealing with this is through optimizing of the image sizes while at the same time making the design to be light.   Using contents and features that users can easily understand and relate to will always lead to a higher conversion rate.

 Most of the web users usually us their phones and computers to browse the web hence the importance of building your website with a responsive layout where it can be adjusted to different screens.  Consistency is also necessary hence the need for things like font sizes and coloring to match all the time, view here!